Salem Parks

This app lists all the city parks in Salem, Oregon. It parses  JSON data from the City of Salem and uses Core Data to store user-favorited parks. It also pulls in photos from the iCloud server with Cloud Kit. In addition, for parks that have been rated on Yelp, it shows the average rating. All the parks are shown on a map view with links to driving directions and the user can enable location services to have the app send a notification whenever the user drives near a park.


Icon-Small-50This is a simple journal app with password protection (and Touch ID, if your device supports it) and formatting options. A custom calendar view shows which days have an entry. It uses Core Data and syncs across devices with iCloud. Entries can also be exported as a text file.

Simple MedicationLog

I created this basic app to teach myself Objective-C. I wanted a really easy way to track medications I took when I had a cold so I didn’t accidentally double up. All the other medication apps I saw were reminder apps and I just wanted a simple log. It uses Core Data and syncs with iCloud.


iTunesArtwork@2xI wanted a really easy way to track headaches, like with with 1 or 2 taps. I didn’t like any of the ones I looked at, and it seemed like an easy project so I built my own. It uses CoreData and I pulled in ios-charts for the charts.

Simple Fingerpainter

Icon-Small-50This was my first app that I submitted to the App Store. I wanted something really basic, easy to use, with no ads, and free. I have a list of improvements to make to it of course, but my kids actually like it, and that is pretty gratifying!